Price List R&D Contracting Services (2015)

Price per hour in US $, tax not included

Price category Price per hour
Concept deployment for R&D project plan 120
Project time plan design 90
Qualified engineer with several years of experience 130
Qualified engineer, several years of experience and specific qualification 160
Qualified scientist, PhD, with several years of experience; 130
Qualified scientist, PhD, with specific experience and qualification in area 160
Creative developments that are not executed upon client´s concept: Price per creation, price uponnegotiation  
Electronic laboratory including resources and technician time (software licensing applies separately) 120
Electronic Laboratory, long therm testing, including resources and technician time (software licensing applies separately) 70
Testing set-up development and fabrication, including resources and staff 140
Mechanical technical detail fabrication for hands-on discussion, incl. resources and staff 140
Electronic circuit detail fabrication for functional hands-on discussion 180
CAD-Laboratory including resources and technicians (software licensing when indicated applies separately) 120
Prototyping workshop including resources / technicians 130
Final technical documentation in PDF format for FDA / CE purposes 120
Converting technical drawings from TD into electronic files for external 3-D part production (CAD files remain in ownership of SCS for future OEM production) no charge
R&D Project-Process Coordinator including office staff and resources 100
FDA / CE specific repirts (e.g. device-, labeling-, packaging-description) 120
Managing of EMC, sterilization, etc. external evaluation/certification 120
Reporting and documentation including office including staff and resources 90
General office work including staff and resources 60
Material / Technology web evaluation and research 80
Presentation of concept and drafts for discussions 80
Tele-Conferencing (provider by client, off-time TC, 30% staff time surcharge Staff time
Preparing material for meetings 80
Preparing material for external presentations, brochures, catalogs, ppts 80
External meetings, travel (daily fee per diem, travel expences, accomodation) U.S. NIH rates
20% Surcharge for expedited project management and project work, client opted in/out  
Packaging, shipping (custom payments are not included)  
50% Down-payment, prior to project start