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Selected Media Reports

Lee Buckler
RepliCel, Vancouver, Canada:

«For a critical in-depth third party technology platform evaluation HYBRID ORGAN gave us an insightful solution-based critique»

Jay Bhogal
Vector Asset Management:

«This is the most innovative, cost-effective, and practical engineering team we’ve ever worked with; a first-class group»

Innovative Thinking and Practical Engineering

We work on: the cutting edge of applied human cell, stem cell and progenitor cell sciences and associated bioengineering for regenerative medicine therapies.

We build: first-of-their-kind medical devices and cell technologies.

We develop: enhancements for commercial products for clients who seek to streamline their companies` regulatory-, production-, logistics-, and service strategies, to allow for enhanced marketing. This includes novel medical devices, and cell product technologies.

Liver Support Bioreactor Device

Skin Cell Spray Grafting Device

Clinical Study Prototyping

Our long-standing history of clinical translation project work and device prototyping that have been successfully used in clinical studies is offered to our clients.

Our team includes experts in medical device development, cell technologies; prototyping, production and regulatory affairs; but also clinical expertise in medicine and surgery.

Our CEO is rooted in clinical medicine and intensive care, our CTO is rooted in bioengineering, and our founder is an MD with hands-on experience in surgery and intensive care, a PhD in Experimental Surgery and also a PhD in Bioengineering, and is deeply rooted in university research on human stem and progenitor cell biology.

We therefore can offer a unique combination of expertise for clinical study prototyping.

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Skin Cell Sprayer, for RenovaCare, NY


Our resources include clean room R&D facility, clean room prototyping facility, electronic engineering lab, mechanical engineering lab, IT lab, medical device lab, polymer lab, membrane lab, bioengineering lab, client project management, client regulatory service, IRB/ IDE/ 510(k) submission support, client QMS development and service, analyses and testing, clinical study support.


Current R&D Pipeline

Our current R&D pipeline for clinical study-ready devices includes: dermal cell injectors, epidermal/ dermal cell spray deposition devices, culture technology for drug development, bioreactors for liver support and blood cell expansion, active wound dressing technologies, cell isolation technologies, cell production technologies.

Our R&D Service Offers

Our R&D service for clinical study prototyping offers: consulting, medical device development that includes electrical and mechanical and IT engineering, stem cell and progenitor cell technologies, device prototyping and clinical study scale production.

We believe, that 3D Tissue Restructuring in our Bio Reactors is really cool!


We have a history of commercial and technical success stories.

Our inventions, projects and devices have been featured in international world-class scientific journals and news outlets (see the banners on this page).

HYBRID ORGAN - How medical technologies and devices trigger the body´s natural ability to heal itself.

…about Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells



Located in Berlin, Germany and rooted in German engineering and biomedical research, we are embedded in a network of regional and international experts in Europe and the USA. Our partners and clients are highly-credible research institutions, government agencies, and corporations (see banner).


Jörg C. Gerlach, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery and of Bioengineering (owner and CEO): Over 30 years he gained background in surgery, experimental surgery, bioengineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, and medical device development. Dr. Gerlach has developed therapeutic medical devices and brought them into clinical practice.
Reinhard Bornemann, MD, PhD (Chief Medical Director): Has over 25 years experience in internal medicine and medical product development.
Frank Schubert (Chief Technology Director and Prokurist): As an engineer of biomedical technology he has over 13 years experience in medical device and stem cell culture technology development. He directed several collaborative interdisciplinary and institutionally funded R&D projects with companies and universities.
Peter Zinnbauer (Director of Production): Over 14 years he gained engineering experience in medical device and cell culture technology development.
Johannes Werner (Chief IT Engineer): Has over 5 years IT engineering experience for medical device software and electronic control technology development.
Arne Schulz (QA & QC testing and regulatory work): Has long-standing experience in prototyping, development, and optimising production of cell culture and medical device systems.
Erik Geirnaert (QMS manufacturing): Has more than 7 years of experience in development of cell culture device technology.
Katrin Zeilinger DVM (Director Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine R&D): Has more than 30 years of experience in biochemistry, cell biology, stem cell biology, cell culture technologies and regenerative medicine research at the institute of molecular biology and biochemistry, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany; and at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Her collaboration with HYBRID ORGAN goes back for more than 15 years.
Nora Freyer M.Sc., Dr. rer. medic. (R&D Cell Biology and Biotechnology): Provides experience in different complex cell culture systems, 3D-bioreactor technologies, isolation and cultivation of primary cells, stem cells and cell lines, as well as knowledge in regulatory requirements for laboratory works with primary human tissue or genetically modified organisms.

Office and administration facilities with highly experienced staff
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Conference space in familiar atmosphere and inside the historical building of the Airport Tempelhof
Laboratories and facilities, to rent for own purposes or to rent with staff according your instruction
…cooperative and creative atmosphere for spin-offs and startups
Development and prototyping know-how for medical devices in-house
Clean room facilities…
…cleanroom production environment
Laboratory with bioreactors

Incubator, Share-Space

We offer young entrepreneurs to start their business in our company environment, serving as incubator for young talents. We offer new bio-med companies to start their business in our environment, facilitating success stories.


Kopischstrasse 10
10965 Berlin, Germany

e-mail: Joerg.Gerlach@Hybrid-Organ.com

CEO: J. Gerlach, MD, PhD
CTO and Chief Engineer, Registered Manager (Prokurist): Frank Schubert

Registered: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany HRB 114204B
ltd. liability company (GmbH)

Bank: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank Berlin
IBAN: DE50 3006 0601 0006 5308 50

German Tax No: 29/450/01217
Umsatzsteuer Identification No: DE 143446861 DUNS No: 340482749

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